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The Blackfish BoBcast - Bob Wiseman 

“The Legend” Bob Wiseman live from the Biltmore Cabaret. We told you all about the show but if you missed it, close your eyes, grab a cocktail, put on your pod and picture yourself at the Biltmore Cabaret.http://bobwiseman.comEntries/2008/4/22_Blackfish_Pod_BoBcast.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0

 Cadaver Dogs!

In the April 2008 edition of The Blackfish Pod Podcast we sit down with the Cadaver Dogs and talk potato. We also preview a few songs from Cadaver Dogs new release ‘Pariah Social’! Once you hear it you’ll want to get yours today!http://cadaverdogs.cahttp://cadaverdogs.caEntries/2008/4/4_Blackfish_Pod_Podcast_3.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1
The Hits

Catlow, Bob Wiseman, & Ladyhawk to name just a few. We also have a short chat with Dusty from The Hits!
Mathieu Lavigne

The very first Blackfish Pod podcast features music and a short interview with Matt Lavigne. We also hear music from Black Mountain, Bison, and Wintersleep.
 The Spitfires!

The Spitfires are back with a soon to be released new record and a few shows here in Vangroovy! We preview a couple of new tracks and have few laughs with Marty & CC in the May, 2008 Blackfish Podcast!,_2008.htmlshapeimage_8_link_0
Tim Hus

Tim Hus is a true Canadian cowboy and he’s just signed to Stony Plain Records. We catch up with Tim to talk about his songs, life on the Never Ending Highways Tour and his new record Bush Pilot Buckaroo - available June 3rd!  

July ‘08

The season of festivals is here. This month Blackfish Pod signs, seals and delivers brand new music from My Morning Jacket, Wolf Parade, Tilly and the Wall and Vancouver's own The Grange and Bison. Enjoy as we take you on an eclectic voyage with music ranging from Emmylou Harris to Boris.Entries/2008/7/1_Blackfish_Pod_Podcast,_July_2008.html
Hawaiian Bibles

The Blackfish Pod Podcast is taken over by Robots and we fight for the survival of the humans. The Hawaiian Bibles say Aloha to Reverend Mike and humans like Motorama, Howlin' Rain, Jucifer and the Sadies help us defeat the evil robots with their music. So sit back and get goosed... Mongoosed, that is.,_August_2008.htmlshapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1
Rodney Decroo

This month the Blackfish Podcast has a sleepover cat fight with Elliot Brood, We Are Wolves and Liam Finn. We cross the path of a Black Cat with Black Mountain, and get the view from the Captain’s Tower with Rodney Decroo.  We meet the Parallels in the Deep Dark Woods and listen to TV on the Radio.,_September_2008.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0shapeimage_12_link_1
The Albertans

In the October podcast we have a sit down chat with Joel from The Albertans who are making like worms and heading for the Big Apple. We get a view of The Lunar Sunrise from Crown the Wolf, find The Ultimate Gogol Bordello and ride The Gin Train with Rae Spoon.,_October_2008.htmlshapeimage_13_link_0

 We hope to continue the podcast when time permits. Check ‘em out and don’t forget to Subscribe!
Shiloh Lindsey

The November edition of the Blackfish Podcast is served straight up. We share a pint with the “whiskey sipping darling of the Vancouver country scene” Shiloh Lindsey. We also hook up with our pal Laura Lee of Down the Lees to get the scoop on her latest effort The Guest Room. http://www.shilohlindsey.comhttp://www.shilohlindsey.comhttp://www.downthelees.comEntries/2008/11/2_Blackfish_Pod_Podcast,_November_2008.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0shapeimage_15_link_1shapeimage_15_link_2
 Lefty’s Left - Overs!

With a lunch pale attitude and no bologna sandwich our boy Lefty Gomez heads into the corners and mucks out this middle of the month puckcast. Join him as he goes Deer Hunting with your Mother Mother and has Sleepless Nights with SNFU, The Supersuckers, Helix and Holy Fuck's Brian Borcherdt.Entries/2008/11/14_Blackfish_Podcast_-_Leftys_Leftovers%21.html
Chariots of Eggs

We catch up with Matt from Chariots of Eggs and find out who writes the songs, who does pastels and gigging in Whistler. Make sure you’re on hand to get cracked December 19th at the Railway! This December podcast also features SpreadEagle, The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, Hawaiian Bibles, Blitzen Trapper and a whole lot more.
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Reid Jamieson
Reid Jamieson drops by and plays a couple tunes! Plus we’ve got Murder City Devils, The Waking Eyes, D. Trevlon, Chad VanGaalen, Delta Spirit and many more. Join us and treat yourself to the February podcast that also features a surprise studio atomic punk!http://reidjamieson.comEntries/2009/2/1_The_Blackfish_Podcast_-_Feb_%E2%80%9809.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0
March ‘09
Vancouver legend Art Bergmann is a never was trying to be a has been on the come back trail at Richards, March 26th and we’re Bound for Vegas! The March ’09 Edition of the Blackfish Pod Podcast also features music from ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, The Sadies, blues rocker Rich Hope and the dusty foot philosopher K'Naan. Entries/2009/3/5_The_Blackfish_Podcast_-_March_09.html
May 2009
May’s podcast features C’mon trying to break our legs with Rock and Roll while Joel Plaskett hangs out in Clayton Park with some Drunk Teenagers. Danny Michel gets help from the Constantines and shows some Young Americans the Trans Canada. There is also Strange Magic in the air and something special for all the Namibian and Republic of Dominican ladies. Entries/2009/5/3_The_Blackfish_Podcast_-_May_2009.html
The Sumner Brothers

We hook up with the Sumner Brothers to talk about songs, life, death and getting booed off stage. Plus music from Japandroids, Lightning Dust, Aaron Cadwaladr, The Invasives, Red Fang, No Horses, Handsome Furs and a whole lot more.

Vancouver’s New Music Podcast

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 Little Foot long Foot

Joan from Little Foot Long Foot talks with the good Reverend in the July edition of the Blackfish Pod Podcast. We  SpreadEagle on a Cracker and Blitzen Trapper traps Civet. Mojave puts the "fun" back into funeral and Barn Burner has a beer today and a bong tomorrow. Entries/2009/7/3_The_Blackfish_Podcast_-_July_2009.html
We missed ya'll last month so we put together a rocker for September. We whack you in the Muggs with a White Cowbell and expend 16 shells from a thirty-ought six leaving 3 Inches of Blood. 
September ‘09Entries/2009/9/1_The_Blackfish_Podcast_-_September_2009.html
We buckle in, tune up and look back at 2009 with the likes of Priestess, Dead Weather, Neil Young, The Constantines and the now closed SpreadEagle. We also look ahead to a few must see January shows and introduce you to local rockers Black Wizard. Entries/2010/1/6_The_Blackfish_Podcast_-_January_2010.html
Black Wizard

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Tavis Triance - Spoon River

Go for the Gold with the Blackfish Podcast and join us as we feature music and speak with Tavis Triance of Spoon River and hear from Kid Koala, Thee Manipulators, Wilco, Justin Townes Earle and more in this sporting February edition of the Blackfish Podcast.